Saturday, July 24, 2010

17 - 24 July on and off with Heidi and Sarah and families in Kortrijk living rooms and Paris gardens...

Sarah says:
Yippy! Heidi is here! That's me and her (in case you forgot what she looked like! :-) above - today - the 24th of July. I stopped by to have her cut my hair and to catch up! Great to see her and happy to have her on FTD! I made her promise that on the 30th of August we can surely have a picture together on here as it will be the start of Face The Day's 5th year then and we have a photo of the previous years on that exact day - so at least we can try to have a 30th of August photo every year as Face The Day fades away...
That's Matto above and Yma below - Heidi's adorable kids! So nice to see them. They grow and grow and grow! Doesn't Yma look so much like Nico below?

Above photo and below one are also from today - the 24th of July. Above is the after the haircut picture and below is the before. Heidi didn't cut my hair this time - not shorter anyway. She just thinned it out. We are trying to find the best way to do my hair as it is so thick! Maybe this will be it! I hope so! I have hard hair apparently! It feels a whole light lighter since Heidi cut it today!

I haven't been online for a while for a couple of reasons. First - we were away on a long weekend in Paris from the 17th through the 19th (photos and link to more photos below). Second - we have been painting our living room - dark red and dark brown! Next week we'll start the floor - renovating it - returning it to its former glory! I can't wait! It's already so beautiful thanks to the paint! Tonight I can finally use the computer as Tom hooked it up in our bedroom and the internet connection actually works! But - it really is bad for my back to sit on my bed and type so I need to stop! Anyway - the above photo of me is from yesterday the 23rd of July. Hair up and headband on for painting!

Above you can see me and Tom finishing the first layer of brown paint on the 22nd of July! It's been fun painting and thankfully Tom's parents have been more than helping us! They are amazing! We couldn't do this kind of thing in our house without them. I so appreciate everything they do for us. I hope they know that! They have done a super beautiful job of painting!
Via this link you can see some more pictures of our new and improved living room. I'll have to update the album though as we'll be doing our floor soon too. It will be beautiful! It already is! I am so happy we went for dark red and dark brown! It really makes an impression and makes our house feel like a home!

Above photo was also from the 22nd perhaps - or the 23rd. I don't know anymore. That red isn't from our walls but from our bathroom. I guess we love red!
I think the above photo is from the 21st of July. Can't recall. Anyway - it was a day of preparing for the paint job and it was the day Ayla left for 10 day sleep-away camp with her youth club! I miss her but I am happy she's probably having a great time and also that we get to have these 10 days to paint and renovate the living room!
And above and below are photos from Paris in reverse order I think - so from the 19t of July backwards to the 17th of July. We had such a fantastic long weekend! Below there's a link that will take you to all the Paris photos if you are interested. There are some goodies!

And via this link you can see way too many photos of our recent long weekend in Paris from the 17th through the 19th of July. We had fabulous days there. It was Ayla's first time and both Tom and I got to see some places we hadn't seen before and some places we had in a whole new light as it was summer and it was hot and lovely! We were true tourists! Paris is amazing. It blows my mind every time! It has the best urban planning I have ever seen. Those who built that marvelous city were either geniuses or totally out of their minds. A bit of both I assume! Napoleon was one crazy dude but he sure helped create a fabulous setting there!

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