Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday 24 June 2010: Happy Birthday to NSM!

Sarah says:
Happy Birthday to my brother NSM!
The Lool finishes the fifth grade tomorrow. Well - she has a school trip next week but then it's done. Next year the 6th grade and then middle school! Where did the time go! I almost can't believe it! I'm glad she has one more year at her school. I'll really miss it when she's done there. Such a great group of teachers and people. So the summer has begun and school is almost done. My vacation starts on the 17th of July and we'll begin with a long weekend in Paris, followed by house renovations, followed by a short week at a horse-farm B&B with outdoor pool, followed by a week in NY, followed by a short weekend before work starts again and life gets busy again. I will enjoy the calm while I can!

Above card is for NSM!

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