Friday, June 11, 2010

Saturday 05 June - Friday 11 June 2010: Sarah's been busy and in Hanover, Germany...

Sarah says:
Above photo is from today - the 11th of June - just back from Hanover, Germany, where I had been for work at a conference of our project's partners. It's Friday and I am glad to be home but I sure do love traveling and getting the chance to see different places and people...
Above photo is from the 10th of June - I forgot to take one of myself so that German pretzel and cheesy stuff will have to do. That was before I ate it! It was really, really good!
The above photo is from Wednesday the 9th of June just before the meeting and reception in Hanover, Germany. It was so very warm there. We were all sweating buckets!
That's me above on Tuesday the 8th I think or perhaps Monday the 7th - not sure anymore! Anyway - I was feeling sad and down in the dumps and my face couldn't hide it. It was a rough start to the week for reasons I won't get into on here.
Above you can see Tom, The Lool and me after Ayla received her award for being a great, friendly, nice, social fifth grader. We sure were proud of her! She deserved that award!
And above photo is from Saturday the 6th of June - a warm day too as I recall... I had some back pain then and was trying to put some color on to make myself feel better! It didn't really work.

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