Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thursday and Friday 13and 14 May 2010: Sarah has been so busy she's not been taking photos for FTD! Whoops! But - plenty of other pics to show...

Sarah says:
Just for the sake of catching up, above is a photo from Friday the 14th of May and below is one from Thursday the 13th of May. In both photos I am so tired because each day - and so many days and times this week - I was driving to the airport very early to pick someone up or drop someone off. It's been a fantastic week though - full of a great Multi-Mania 2010 conference. Our sidetrack on Entrepreneurship went really well and lots of new networks and connections were made. It was fun and it felt great to be part of it.

On Friday, Tom left for Bulgaria for a one week vacation. I'm happy for him as it will do him good to get away with a good friend. And I get some quiet time alone with my kid. I need that and she needs that. It's been a crazy week as I said and it's good to unwind now and come down from the high of it all.

Have I mentioned that I wrote an article last week for the English weekly newspaper of Belgium? It's all about social media. I am so happy to be writing again but I was crazy to plan a deadline for the article the same day as the conference. It meant staying up till about 4 am every morning writing or editing after speakers' dinners, etc... But with that said, I have to add that I was energized this week and felt like super woman!

I forgot to take photo of myself everyday. But instead, I have a whole load of photos from various happenings in the last couple of weeks including the end of the owl story (great photos up close of the owl), Ayla's birthday party with her friends (the great food creations they made) and photos from Multi-Mania (all our guest speakers).

Here are photos from the Oehoe Eagle Owl saga. In the end he was caught and we got to see him up close and even hold him. There are some great photos via this link!

Here are before and after shots from Ayla's birthday party with friends, where they received lots of food stuff and had to make creations with it that the parents could eat later. They made fabulous things. Check it out via this link!

And last but not least, photos from Multi-Mania - and our Entrepreneurship Forum, which I organized. It was a great day - a great few days. Made some nice new contacts and networks. Also had some nice days showing off Belgium to our guests. Via this link you can see photos.

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