Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday 5,6,7 April 2010: Life goes on at Face The Day with Sarah, Heidi and MATTO!

Sarah says:

Above photo from today - Wednesday the 7th of April. Just took it. It's late and I have been driving through lots of rain and I am totally tired and worn out and down right now. It all comes in waves. Didn't feel great today - well tonight actually. Everything is / was too much. Blue.

Was very happy to see Heidi yesterday the 6th of April and also Matto as you can see above and below! I can't get the photo below to turn the right way so I have to leave it as it is I guess! Check out Matto's face! He's funny! Was so happy to see him and get to hold him and to be able to catch up a bit with Heidi and get a photo together! Every time I talk to a good friend I feel so much better. I tend to forget that and sometimes want to shut down and shut everyone out. But the minute I talk things out I generally always feel a great relief...

That's me above on Monday the 5th of April - Easter Monday. Though I had a nice day of great food and fun games with family - I felt pretty sick during the day and low. Ups and downs. Soon balance will return I hope!

I had to post this photo of The Lool and Arne that my father-in-law took Easter Monday. They were so happy with all their Easter eggs. Ayla looks so different there than usual - maybe because her her is off her face. She's changing right before our eyes. She'll be 11 in just a few weeks!

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