Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday 11 February 2010: Snowy!!!

Heidi says: Very nice snowy weather here in Belgium, for those who like it. For me it's great, as I can just sit inside and look outside the window and dream away. For others it is probably a bit hard to get to work or wherever. So not sure if I am allowed to like it, but I do. Yesterday and this morning Yma got a ride on the sled to school by her dad. Sweet memories for later!

Sarah Says: Snowy on our side of the neighborhood too as you can see above and below! Lovely to see! Hard to walk in with bad back! Thankfully I have good friends and family and colleagues that have been making sure I get to work and home lately! It's made all the difference to my back! I feel good enough to fly but am glad I'll be checking in with the back doctor tomorrow. I am taking de-swellers as a precaution this week - just in case! I am looking forward to the trip - especially because my daughter is so excited about it!

By the way - we had curtain rails hung up today in our living room and we hung up or red curtains that used to be downstairs but were replaced by longer versions of the same ones. They are totally beautiful and colorful in our living room! I will take photos and post them here!

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