Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday and Tuesday 22 and 23 February 2010: Sarah is wide awake!

Sarah says:
That's me above today on the 23rd of February. So far it's been a good week! I have been enjoying being back on my bike - even in the rain and I feel energetic - perhaps thanks to the jet-lag, I don't know. Anyway - I hope it lasts!
That's me above yesterday the 22nd of February. I forgot to go to my appointment at the Obesity Center to get weighed! I actually thought the appointment was on Tuesday night. Whoops! I think that was also due to the jet-lag! Should be over soon. I'll go to the center in two weeks instead. I hope by then I have lost another kilo or two. In American I am quite sure I gained a little weight! Oh well! I can only do the best I can and everyone noticed I had lost weight and said I looked good so that made me feel good!

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