Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday 5 January 2010: life and cold, cold living

Sarah says:
My office is having heating problems - started yesterday and remain to day. I am shivering and cold! It isn't nice. I wore my hat, scarf, coat, two sweaters and my gloves most of the day Monday inside and Tuesday too. I feel Ike I will never warm up again. I guess I am a weak person. I have a head cold now. I wish I were stronger and could take the cold better!

Heidi says: My life these days is: sleeping, getting Yma to school, resting, TV, reading, sitting at the computer, getting Yma from school, cooking, TV, sleeping.

But in between all this, I managed to buy a share from Ecopower yesterday, and to sign and send a contract for 100% green electricity to Ecopower today. Very proud of this move. Finally. I also checked some other urgent things and will be busy with envelopes, stamps and addresses very soon. Yesterday evening, the doctor checked our baby and he told us he weighs 2550 grams. That means he is almost ready to be born. I have six more weeks to go though. SIX! He also weighed me and on the scale I saw 80,1 kilos. I turned a bit pale I think. I gained 23 kilos already and I have six more weeks to go! What will I have gained by 19 February???

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Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

wow heidi! Ayla was 2.3 kilos when we took her home a month after she was born! If that baby stays in you for 6 weeks it will be huge! Sounds like he'll come before mid-february but who knows! Welcome to the 80s! At least you have good reason to be there and will lose all that extra weight soon enough! Life oh life oh life indeed! :-)

Congrats on Ecopower! Good move! We are a million steps behind with just having got our windows but that's soon on the list!