Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday 08 January 2009: Sarah is disappearing to the hospital for a while...

Sarah says:
Bye for a while! I'm checking myself into the hospital again for same problem as ever - my dumb back! It's getting worse each day so I need to take care of it before I can't move at all. This is just the way it is and is probably going to be the rest of my life so I guess I just have to do everything I can to accept the situation, not let it get me down too much and to get on with my life once the pain is gone again for a while... Better now than while I am in New York or on a plane - like last time this happened. I hope I'll be okay fast after I get the IV treatment at the hospital. I look forward to returning to normal life again, in which I can move around freely. I miss my bike and cross-trainer already! But I have to keep telling myself that I cannot let this knock me down. It's a temporary situation! I'm disappearing for a week or so but I'll be back before you know it!