Monday, December 14, 2009

Tuesday 8 December through Monday 14 December for Sarah and with Heidi today! Lots of excercise in Bremerhaven, Germany and link to nice pics!

Monday the 14th of December above with Heidi quick before I went to work and she went home to rest... Wish I could rest too -I have a backache :-(!
Above is from Sunday the 13th of December in Gent, where we went with a visitor from The States named Monica. She is studying law in Amsterdam and came to us via via. We had a nice couple of days seeing Belgium through her eyes - first Brugge, then Ieper and then Gent...

That's me and our visitor Monica in Ieper on Saturday the 12th of December after we had been to Brugge in the day and had just eaten mussels and fries - just before seeing the Last Post in Ieper.
That's me above past midnight on Thursday the 10th - though really Friday the 11th at about 20 past midnight. I had been exercising in the hotel firtness room in Bremerhaven, Germany - where I was for a conference for work. We had some long but nice days - each one which I finished off with exercise late at night because I ate too much too late each day!
Above photo is also just after exercise but on Wednedsay night the 9th of December.
And above photo is also just after going on the cross-trainer and bike on Tuesday the 8th of December.
For some nice photos of Bremerhaven, Germany, please go via this link to my photo album!

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