Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday 10 and 11 November 2009: Morrissey!!!!

Above photo is from today the 11th and below from yesterday the 10th just after the Morrissey concert in Lille, where The Mozzer played 6!!!!! Smith songs! It was a goody and I can't wait to see him perform yet again this coming Saturday in Brussels. It's great fun because Tom and I both enjoy the music so much. It's something we have in common these days so it makes for a great date for us! I wish I were as skinny is real life as I look in the above and below photos but truth be told - I'm nowhere near it!!!! It's going slow now and getting harder and harder! It's cold here and dark and that makes me want to eat more and be lazier! It's a constant battle! When does this whole weight-loss thing just click and become a lifestyle rather than such a mind and body controlling effort! Ughhhh.... Anyway - at least Morrissey appreciates fat girls! "You're the one for me fatty"! That's my husband's love song to me thanks to Morrissey. (Joking :-)
Today is a holiday in Belgium and we are all putting our weapons down! The world is a messed up place! The 9th of November and today the 11th both make me think about war and power and control and loss of freedom and all those horrid things that often do make the world go round! Can you imagine all those soldiers fighting WWI here in Belgium in the rain and trenches... Horrid thought. Today - the 11th - must have been so very meaningful...

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