Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday 14 and 15 October 2009: Sarah's last days in Stavanger, Norway...

Heidi says (14 Oct): not always glowing...

Heidi says (15 Oct): The family on the roof of the new De Kreun in Kortrijk!

Heidi says:
On the roof of De Kreun!

Heidi says: meet the new De Kreun!

I love the statues in Stavanger, Norway! The one above is on a small, main square but there are nice statues all over.

It's been so sunny - until today. The rain set in and I walked home from the center to my hotel in the rain - about 30 minutes. I am happy to report that I have been walking at least an hour a day here at a pretty fast pace, up hill and down. That feels great! I was afraid of the bad mix of eating too much here and not getting any exercise but it's been going well all around! I am a bit afraid of the weigh-in on Monday but I hope I'll be happily surprised! It's really hard to keep a diet up when you are traveling and can't really control where you eat as much. Tonight was pizza so I took a salad and had two small slices of pizza with it. I have been eating tons of fruit so that's good. I wish I had more time and chance to walk in Belgium - it feels so good and I have slept so well because of it!

Above photo is from yesterday at the hotel between conference and dinner - entertaining myself again... And below photo is to show how diet is going! I saw myself in a video and was happy I didn't look all bloated up for once!

Tomorrow - Friday - it's back to Belgium. Glad it's the weekend. I need some long sleeps. Right now it's almost 1:30am and I am up! I have no idea why. I should be fast asleep as I have to get up early tomorrow. I'm dumb to be up now! Can't help it though!

I totally love the above painting which I saw on a wall near the Stavanger harbor. I am going to read up on this immigration to America history here and the whole harbor history. This city seems to have a lot of stories behind it! It's been great to be here!

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