Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, Sunday and Monday 17,18 and 19 October 2009: Sarah thinks spaghetti squash + new bike + cross-traner - Norway food = weight loss plan!

Heidi says: Retro Partytaaaaaaam!!!

There above you can see my two new best friends. These friends are going to help me through the rain and wind and muscle pain and will lead me to losing weight... So far, I love these new buddies of mine. I just hope the friendship lasts a while! It's so easy to start something and never finish it - especially in the winter and dark... Fingers crossed, foot to the pedals. Go!
Above photo from today - 19 October 2009. I wish Heidi were on here! I don't like being on here without her all the time. It feels strange. Heidi - if you are out there and have any time - upload a photo or two :-)!
Above photo is from yesterday - Sunday the 18th of October 2009. A lazy day at home alone - hardly got anything I needed to done, but oh well! I was tired from Norway as you can see!
Above photo from Saturday the 17th of October - just after getting home very late from Westtalent. I a enjoying seeing so many bands at Westtalent. There is indeed a lot of talent out there. It's not easy being a judge. You have to forget about what you like and chose winners based on quality and many other things. It's a real challenge but I am glad to be taking part! It's exciting each week. Every Friday and Saturday night is a lot and makes me tired but I am still happy to be doing it! Am meeting a lot of nice people too and feeling in touch with the music world just a little, which is nice as I was afraid I would lose that connection by not working in the field anymore...
Two words for you: spaghetti squash! Try it! You'll love it and it is so healthy and easy to make. I am so happy that the Belgian supermarket carries it all of a sudden! I will it a lot of it until the season is over. That's for sure! Buy it and look up a simple recipe via google! Trust me, you won't be disappointed and you can impress your friends :-). Here's a tip - what takes more than an hour in the oven can take about 10 minutes per half in the microwave so you can opt for the easy way too! Just be careful cutting it in half! It's a bit difficult and dangerous. I cooked it and then just mixed a bottle of basil marinara with onions and red peppers and some spices - threw it all together - also with some ricotta cheese - made sure it was all warm and then added some fresh basil and Parmesan slivers at the end. Delish! When the squash is done, make sure to scrape it out with a fork to get the real spaghetti effect! Enjoy and report back ! :-)

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