Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 26, 27 and 28 October 2009: Heidi and Sarah are together in a photo once again and new windows abound!

Sarah says: I see Heidi passing taking Yma to school almost everyday but I forget to take a photo, don't have time or don't have my camera with me. I was taking photos of my new windows this morning just when Heidi passed with Yma so it was the perfect moment to snap a shot. I see that Heidi updated Face The Day down below with photos from the last week so make sure to scroll down and check all those pictures she posted out! Yma is on the back of Heidi's bike in above photo. It's a funny one of her? She looks sort of uncomfortably suspended in mid-air! Man do I look tored in the above picture. I have been sleeping so poorly lately and then finally last night I slept through from 10pm to 5am yet still I feel exhausted. I don't get that!

Above photo is from yesterday - Tuesday the 27th. I am trying to show you the new "door" behind me that was a window when I left in the morning. Eventually - meaning in like 20 years - we hope to have a roof terrace on the flat roof above our kitchen. That's why we replaced the window with a door. Good planning for the possible future... It gives the room so much more light and space somehow. I love it! Too bad you can't see it in the photo. Better photos of the new windows will come in the weekend when most or all of them are done!

I think the above photo is also from Tuesday the 27th - with our new kitchen windows behind us! Once again, more light, more space - but what about curtains? We have to put something on the windows or everyone can see into our kitchen and watch us as we eat like zoo animals!

The above and below photos are from Monday the 26th of October. Above, I am playing in the new glass of our new living room window. Below, I am just happy with the results so far!

Above photo is from this morning - of our new door and top window up there compared with our old door and window in photo below. Nice change, isn't it!

Again - above is our new door up close and below is our old one. From shabby to clean!
The below photos are some more before and after shots. More to come soon!

I like the shot above of our new window reflecting the tree and church tower. There will be a sectional piece put in on the top of that window - like a cross. I think it will be lined up with the top gray stones that you see. The bottom floor windows are so large that they have to have a real frame that has cross at tope to hold smaller windows within. So we want the top windows to sort of match the bottom ones and that's why we'll have that eventual fake cross-like thing.

The above photo is an ODE to the old windows... Just look at that sad old window leaning agaisnt the wall soon to be replaced by a new one. Makes me sad! I actually liked our old windows a lot. Problem was that they weren't double-glass and that was bad for our house, the environment and our bills! The new windows are good double-glass and should keep our home a lot warmer and quieter too! See - I am already talking about the old windows in the past tense and they aren't even totally replaced yet! :-) More photos to come in the weekend no doubt! Or later in the week...


Anonymous said...

Which room did the door window go in?

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

the pantry - laundry room