Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monday 7 September 2009: a sunny day for a book outside and for a golden hue...

Sarah says:
I kind of wish I could have that sort of glow all the time! The suntan will fade (even though it's fake!). It's mixed in with bike sweat. Makes for a good look, don't you think? Plus the fact that I can see my face is getting thinner - that also helps. My visit to the obesity center tonight went well! I like the dietitian and all her advice. I think I am going to lose weight this time and get fit finally! I feel ready and able! It's been great having nice weather because it makes biking so enjoyable! When the darkness and winter and cold and wind and rain and ice set in I think it will make things much harder! At least then I might have rosy cheeks and look a little healthy from that too! I hate the dry pale that comes with the fall over here... You put the heat on and your skin just dries right up and gets all white and pasty!

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