Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday 20 and Monday 21 September 2009: Mondaymorningblues - Sunday sunny fun!

Heidi says: Mondays are tough for me. They are the start of a new week, everyone goes back to what they do in the week, and I stay home. I lose my hope a bit on Mondays. The hope for a job, a filled life, to belong somewhere. I also lose belief in myself. On Mondays I don't know what I am good at. I doubt myself and that is the biggest danger for me.

That's me and Heidi above on Sunday the 20th of September at a rommelmarkt in Wervik - Heidi's hometown. Her sister was there selling with me and my friend Tilly and Heidi passed by on the way to her parents' home. It gave us a photo op! We sold about Euro 50 worth of our old stuff so that makes about Euro 150 total in our family-fun fund. The weather and the company were good so it was a great day! A perfect way to relax really!

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