Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday 23 June 2009: Sarah has a "ball"...

Sarah says:
Always fun to have a new prop to get a new photo in and then to overuse the effect with 3 photos instead of just one... The above ball was at Valerie's house where I went for lunch today. It was sunny outside with good food and conversation and it was very relaxed - so you see, I am still very much in relaxing-mode and indeed still enjoying it! I look like a weird beast in the above photo. I like it!
There above you can see me and Fre, Valerie's son. I was very happy to se him. Without fail he reminds me of Peter because he looks so much like him and it's always nice to think about Peter.

And there you can see me with Valerie, the cook, in her garden in her silver ball thingy! Very nice to see her and Fre and Tom today. This is the life!
By the way, I HAVE TO mention that I finally watched the movie Coming Home last night after having received the DVD from my brother years ago. I never got around to watching it and I am happy that finally I have!!! It is a great movie - just as my brother said it would be. Heart-breaking, well-acted and with a clear message. Jon Voight (Angelina's father) and Jane Fonda were quite amazing in this film as actors and boy were they both terribly beautiful. I highly recommend it and am sorry it took me this long to be able to say I watched it! But it was certainly very well worth the wait! Thanks for sending it all those year ago NSM!

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