Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 June 2009: Sarah goes to the Antwerp zoo to see ASG and Kai-Mook!

Sarah says:
I am sweating so much lately - as you can see a good example of in the above photo. Is it just hot around here or is it me????!!!! I have been having really nice days lately. Good pace. Truly feels like vacation! I intend to enjoy these days as they won't last forever! Tom is now on vacation too and we are riding our bikes all around and hanging about. No rushing. Did some shopping today, which is always good! It all feels right. Time is a gift right now!

That's me and ASG above at the Antwerp zoo yesterday the 27th of June. It was a nice, long day in Antwerp and we got to see the new baby elephant Kai-Mook, which made my kid very happy. We met up with ASG and went to the zoo. Then we went to a very boring and disappointing Fashion museum in Antwerp - the Momu. Antwerp has all this hype as the fashion city but the fashion museum is pathetic. I recommend it to no one!!! Before we went we had a fantastic and BIG lunch at Wagamama. Now that I recommend to everyone! It was such a treat!!

That's Kai-Mook above!
Below is my Post Secret pick-of-the-week. Last week there weren't any at all that caught my eye. This week I chose the one below because I am thinking about my activities of the last two years and of how they are coming to en end as of next Tuesday. As much of a shame it is that a lot of things and people are going to disappear from my life soon that have been part of it for the last two years and also for many years before that -- well, I have to keep reminding myself that just because this chapter of my life is stopping - of my career, experience, contacts, etc... - that it doesn't mean it wasn't worth a lot, because it was. It was worth so much. Just what I learned and did in the last couple of years is invaluable. I will be forever thankful for this experience and opportunity. It's taught me so much. I WILL miss it when it is all gone but I will use so much of what I have learned in future jobs and experiences I am sure. It is time to move on and move on I will. I have had plenty of time to reflect and some of it was really hard but I'm at a good place with it all in my head now and all the negative is slowly going away and I'm planning to walk away proud of the last two years and am ready to embrace what's coming next, whatever it might be... Time will tell...

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