Sunday, June 07, 2009

Saturday and Sunday 06 and 07 June 2009: Sarah has a pretty okay weekend and so has Heidi (see bottom)!

Sarah says:
No idea why the photo above refuses to turn around but so be it! Must be a reflection of my state of mind today! I have been cleaning out closets -- mostly of my daughter's full of too small clothes. It takes so much time! Yesterday I did the same at the office for about 4 hours! Thankfully my husband helped because frankly it was quite overwhelming. My back is none the better for it! All that bending and sitting on the floor sorting through stuff and picking up and putting down... The closet cleaning today is far easier than that of yesterday. Yesterday was figurative closet cleaning as well. Letting go. Breaking down what we built up. Can't say it felt good though at this stage it did feel like progress. Made the reality of the whole situation quite clear, which probably means I took a few more essential steps in moving on and forward...

Though there was a lot of closet work yesterday - the 6th of June - I still look happy in above photo. I had a good day and a good weekend. Friday night was fun with a few good girlfriends of mine and good food. I love cooking and haveing people at my house so it was a nice night. And Saturday had a good pace about it. My husband helped me so much with cleaning up the office. It made me feel so bonded to him and supported by him. We worked away quietly and sort of peacefully with some nice conversations in between. Having him there made me feel okay. If I had done it alone I think it would have been awful. It just gave me some more perspective on what is important in life... My job situation might suck a bit right now but my family life is good and that is very essential to my well-being.

I'm sorry for the non-positive Post Secret above! I could relate to it though! I don't agree that life is all about long suffering and all that - not at all. But I am very aware that you suffer then you don't and then you do and then you don't and happiness comes rushing in often just when you need it and suffering comes in just when you don't. Life works itself our rather well most of the time. It does help me to know that whenever I am sad or under the weather or feel like I am suffering that I also know that something good is always around the corner too!
Saturday 6 June 2009: Yma's party at school

Sunday 7 June 2009: a nice day out (though ashamed to be flemish)
We voted today. Flanders appears to be quite right-wing as opposed to Wallonia. I feel ashamed of Flanders. How did we become so selfish? I also start to wonder why Flanders and Wallonia all have their own red and green and blue... parties? Why not have one bilingual party per colour? Then at least Belgium would have chosen a lot greener and a lot less right-wing!

To end this post a bit more positive, here's a little movie to get to know Yma a bit better. She's a bit nuts! :-)

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