Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday 22 June 2009: Heidi and Sarah take advantage of their newfound free time and have coffee, soup and a stroll through the Monday market ...

Sarah says:
Monday market in Kortrijk this morning with Heidi meant two cups of coffee and running into other "free" friends. The sun was shining and we took a stroll through the market. I bought roasted chicken and potatoes as well as broccoli and strawberries. The best part for me was that I went by bike to the city in place of by car. I am really trying to get over my fear of biking and over my fear of back pain from biking and I am doing so-far-so-good! It's really enjoyable! Heidi and I also stopped for some soup for lunch. Then I went home on bike and dropped stuff off and then went to the grocery store on bike and bought a cake and went to see some other friends. I know this freedom won't last but I really am trying to enjoy it while I can because indeed what everyone says is true - you have to enjoy it while you can and not feel guilty about it! I am truly trying! As for the biking, as silly and even pathetic as it sounds, I feel SUPER HAPPY that I am riding around. It's the most normal thing but I have been afraid. I have been waking up with pain right where my protheses is every day after I have biked and I don't like that at all but I'm going to just keep it up and see what happens. Maybe it's just pain from moving different muscles or something. Can't wait to pick up Ayla from school soon on the bike because it means biking together, which is making her so happy these days too - and it means getting her earlier from school than usual because I am home early. That means more time together. That means we are both more relaxed. That means we have a calm home and calm heads. I will enjoy this while it lasts... because I know it will be short-lived. I'm okay with that as long as I get this time now...
Heidi was very happy to see that the Koffie Queen now serves decaf!

Today we are on a liquid diet! Good soup! Great oranges. Nice morning.

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