Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday 22 April and Thursday 23 April 2009: three nights sleep and it's Madensuyu day! May the sun shine through the weekend please!

Heidi says: jippie, jippie, jippie, jippie! I love Madensuyu and they are playing in De Kreun on Sunday and that makes me so happy! They are really one of my favorite bands and I'd say my favorite Belgian band for sure! I cannot wait for sunday!
Sarah says:
The above photo is from Wednesday the 22nd of April and as you can see - the sun was shining upon us! If only the sun would just stay around for a while. When you are feeling fine, the weather isn't as much of a factor but when you are feeling down, the sun can really help to pick you up. We need the sun!

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