Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday 05 Maarch 2009: Heidi and Sarah get outside for a sping break! There was some sun and all!

Sarah says:
Free as birds we were for those 5 seconds of a spring break! The sun started to shine today! Spring is in the air. All the animals will soons start making babies soon and there will be little sheep in fields we'll see out of every train wndow! Our house will begin to smell like the gutter as what's underground them starts to heat up! It will be lovely because it will mean warmth, sun, FUN!!!! There's hope people! There's hope!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi says:
This is so wrong!!!! What an ugly picture of me! I have a sjkeve mulle! And what kind of skin is this? And how deadly pale am I? Haha, it's awful! Time for a deep facial and some colour!
I think I am so tired that it's visible in my face every day... I also miss my bangs a bit. My old typical Heidi-hairdo... one day, I'll be back with that hair! You watch and see!

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