Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday 15 February 2009: Check out Heidi's haircut!

Sarah says:
Heidi got her haircut! That would usually be headline news at Face The Day! Life is a rush, a blur, an ache, a panic and racing heart, an ear-flutter, a bad sleep, a racing mind and then some. No time to give ourselves to Face right now! I MISS IT! But please do note that Heidi did get her haircut! :-)
Heidi says:
Yes, I got my haircut! I need time to get used to it. In my head I have a bob with a short and straight pony. I will have that bob with short pony till the day I die (in my head anyway). I have had that since my 19th, and it always comes back. It expresses who I am. But now not anymore because it is gone! Anyway, this is not important! It really isn't!


Anonymous said...

Heidi, love the haircut!!!

Grtz, Sofie (you know, from that company you also worked for in the past)

Anonymous said...

hey, merci wè!
Je ziet het niet, maar het is nog lang aan de achterkant! :)
Moet eens afkomen he!!!!!!

Jen said...

Heidi I am loving your new haircut. Very lovely!