Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday 10 february 2009: A NO PHOTO DAY AT FACE THE DAY

Heidi says:
I really start to long for spring now! It is so cold and grey and rainy here. When I was biking home yesterday, I was moaning because my hands were so so cold. I don't think I ever felt such intense pain in my hands. It felt like someone had hit them hard with a hammer. By the time I was home, I could hardly get the door open because my hands were so stiff... The good thing abut biking to work in no matter what weather conditions might be that I am sick less often. Maybe it makes my resistance better. I hope that is true!
Tonight fasciatherapy! I have been doing this 4 times already and I don't feel like it did much for me yet, but I won't give up. I think my shoulder and neck need movement and massage and so that is what I'll be giving it.

Sarah says:
No photo today. Just black. Or white. Depending how you look at it. And how your eyes work. And on what's between your head.

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Anonymous said...

Gloves!! Get some! put 'em on!