Monday, February 16, 2009

Thursday 12 February - Friday 13 February - Saturday 14 February - NO PHOTO Sunday 15 February and Today - Monday 16 February 2009: FTD is LATE!!!

Sarah says:
Haven't had any time lately and forgot my camera this weekend! That's me above today - Monday the 16th - still with a yellow snaggle tooth! It's a new week. My daughter and I made a deal to look at the sunshine in everything that makes us sad or worried this week! That's what we are going to do! On the flipside of bad is good. Trying to teach that to a 9 year old is hard. So this week we are going to make an effort because that child carries way too much worry on her shoulders and is way too in tune with everyone's emotions. A little martyr she is and it's painful to watch. I can't always pretend that everything is great to protect her little worrying heart and head but I can teach her that generally things turn out okay and that people can get through just about everything.
There above you can see my husband an I on my phoe on Satuday the 14th - Valentine's Day. Can you feel the love? Man I LOVE that man! He's the greatest! We had a nice and relaxed weekend together. But I forgot to take a photo Sunday the 15th - which is the second time in a week!!! I'll get better at this again one day soon I'm sure!

And there above you can see a weird Heidi and me on Friday the 13th - creepy!!! Light and dark!

There above you can see Heidi and Nancy admiring the SNOW that fell here on Thursday the 12th! It was fantastic to see - even though it only lasted 10 minutes. Then it turned into rain!

And there above you can see Heidi and me mid-snow on the same day - Thursday the 12th of February. That SNOW made us so HAPPY for a second! I just wanted to be a kid again and throw snowballs and have a day off from school and get up to no good! But as I said above, since it melted in about 10 minutes that dream melted quickly as well!

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