Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday 22 February 2009: Sarah forgot to take a photo on Saturday the 21st!!! That's the 3rd time in a short time! And forgot Post Secret last week...

Sarah says:
Wow - I forgot to take a photo again. Why is that? Part of the slump I'm in I guess. I hibernated Friday night and went out Saturday night with two girlfriends. We saw the movie Two Lovers. I didn't like it because I didn't like any of the characters - especially Joachim's. I wish I had seen The Wrestler or Slumdog. I love movies though - even the bad ones. They just take me away...
Today I have tons of work to do. The great thing is that my husband has taken on the task of cooking quite an elaborate meal for us and his parents and brother today. I would love it if he started to enjoy cooking and started cooking more. It's such a treat to be cooked for. I can't wait to taste the food!
I forgot to pick a Post Secret last week. I went on the site and none caught my eye and that was that. This week there were a few goodies! I like the one below about getting laid-off because it seems to be such a fact of life these days for so many people and that sucks and is sad. With that said - there's always an up side to everything, right? Just see the Post Secret below!

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, Sarah you must be busy if you forgot to post a photo and a Post Secret. Maybe it is this time of year -- so many are busy, busy, busy, and others, at least here in this country and certainly in the state of Michigan, are busy trying to figure out how, when and where they can get jobs. We see story after story on the news about greedy CEOs still trying to hold their lavish parties under the guise of pleasing clients and employees. Obama is speaking out against these, and then other businesses say without these parties their hotels, catering services, etc. lose money. Somehow, things must straighten out and ethics must return with values of what is important and worthwhile and what is not. Ah, but all this verbiage from me has been unleashed because you forgot to post a picture!