Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday 27 February and Saturday 28 February 2009: Heidi and Sarah polish up their look and Sarah eats too many waffles and too much chicken parmesan!

Sarah says:
There I am above today - Saturday the 28th of February - bursting out of my face because my eyes are way too big for my belly and therefore my belly is also way too big! Last night I ate a ton of delish waffles at my husband's parents' home and today I ate too much chicken parmesan! I am going to burst! It was all really good though!
There above you can see the chicken dish from today's lunch. We had visitors. Started with sweet baby carrot soup I made - then the chicken with salad and then an apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream and chocolate pieces and coffee. I am stuffed!

Above and below you can see various waffle photos! Tom's mom makes a mean waffle! It was cozy and fun! The kids of course loved it too. Ayla was there with her cousin Arne and Tom's brother Wim too.

And there above you can see me and Heidi Friday the 27th of February first thing in the morning just after we both applied some extra make-up to try to look like we were awake!

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Anonymous said...

good eatin' this weekend I see.
I approve!