Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday 15 December 2008: Heidi and Sarah are here yet again with the same faces as usual... It's Monday. Nothing to report!

Sarah says:
Rather - lots to report but NO TIME!!!

And I didn't forget - my Post Secret pick of the week. Don't take this card wrong. It's just one perspective and it's not mine. I suspect my dad will be around for a while still - but fact is you never know. He or anyone I know and love could kick the bucket tomorrow. I hate how death just steals people away. Today I heard that a musician-friend of my friend Peter just died after a 7 month battle with cancer. Peter only died a bit more than a year ago and now many people who knew Peter are now facing the death of another friend in a similar way and it just sucks! These guys were young so it makes even less sense than watching an older person get sick and die. But I don't want to watch anyone die. This is the part of life I have a hard time coming to terms with. I guess we all do yet we all do have to deal with death. Watching a friend suffer through illness is heart-breaking. Watching a parent faced with a shorter lifespan than perhaps expected or hoped for is not easy. You just see life in another way and as the cliche goes you look at your own life in a whole new way. It's amazing what things like this can trigger in one's head.

And on a lighter side - the below Post Secret card. It just makes me laugh. I have an ongoing bad joke at my husband's expense that he is gay. When he walked in to the room the first day I saw him back in The Netherlands he was wering a pink jacket. A friend of mine who knew I always liked guys with long hair aid to me "that's going to be your boyfriend" because my husband had really long hair back then. All I saw was his pink jacket and a certain swing in his walk and I said to my friend "no way, he's gay"! Turns out that friend is gay. I knew it back then as it was pretty clear but he was in the closet still -- not my husband - but the friend of mine. Anyway -- since then there's alwys been this joke between my husband and me and our friends that my husband is a bit gay. Don't get me wrong - he's very manly too and actually not very gay at all. But there is something a bit gay about him and it's a little game we play. So I like the idea that we met in a gay bar even though we didn't...

Heidi says:
I am waiting for the results of a scan. I am almost certain it will show nothing and I am afraid that I will not have a solution. We'll see. We'll see :)

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