Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday 12 December 2008: Heidi faces the day while Sarah defaces the day with her dumb face...AND they welcome Jan De Campenaere from Venus in Flames!

Sarah adds:
Here's an update! We had a lovely visitor this afternoon whose face we wanted to grace Face The Day with. Please welcome special guest Jan De Campenaere from the Belgian band Venus in Flames to Face The Day with Heidi and Sarah! Via this link, you can check out the music of Venus in Flames. We are very happy and proud that Sound Performance will be making Venus in Flames' CD and we were very pleased to meet the friendly Jan today!

Sarah says:

I am so glad it is Friday. I long to sleep late tomorrow morning and to clean up my house, which is so messy it is screwing up my head! We neeed to food shop badly! So many things that need doing to put some order into our lives again! Tonight I'll go to the winter walk of my daughte's school so that will be invigorating as well as relaxing. Tomorrow it's errands and chores followed by a night out and to a lying-down gig of my good friend Filip D. Sunday it's time to put up our Christmas tree and hang out with my kid and husband and make a nice atmosphere. Can't wait!

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