Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday 22 November 2008: Heidi has a school reunion

Heidi says: what a lovely idea: a school reunion with all the people we have known from school since kindergarten. Actually, all the people who were born in the year 1978. It was exactly what it had to be: cosy and open. There was a lot of talking... and talking. Maybe the nicest part was that we met someone who left Belgium, and so our school, when she was 10 years old: Sara Depoorter. She grew out to be the person everybody thought she'd become: an open and positive face and with enthusiastic energy. I was also very happy to see back other people I hadn't seen for a long time. When you are having a reunion like this, you see that people still have the basiscs of the character they had when they were much younger, but when you start to talk, you notice that they have also changed a lot. Everyone has their life, and some people have had it easy, others are struggling. For myself I've learned in the past months, that people have seen me as a kind of wild and very talkative person, somewhat different than others. Sara told me that she remembers that when I was nine, I brought a little chick to school and walked around with it for days. When I hear that, I start to think that I am maybe crazier than I think I am... :)
Anyway, such a reunion is a very good thing when you're soul searching. I am very happy this happened!

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