Friday, June 06, 2008

Thursday 05 June 2008: Sarah is red-eyed and tired but enjoying Pilates even though it hurts like a mofo sometimes!

Sarah says:
Just back from Pilates lessons. Once a week for an hour - juts my husband and I and a Pilates teacher. We are trying to get our backs stronger. We both need that. I have no pain but I also have no power and certainly no condition or muscles in my belly where they cut through to operate on my back. My poor belly area! It's been so abused over the years and it's near atrophy. I can't imagine it ever being strong again. And I have to be so careful with my back. But I am trying! It feels good to be moving and sweating and trying! It will take time and my oh my do I have to go slowly but I sure hope to see some results down the line. And for my husband with his ongoing annoying back pain, maybe just maybe this will help him too. We both are counting on it!

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