Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday 22 June 2008: Heidi is still at sea! With pictures!! And Sarah makes a graveyard for chicken, which tastes amazing by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi says:
I ran at the sea. I laughed at the sea. I almost cried at the sea. I was at ease at the sea. It was great at the sea.

(I will upload more pictures, with Barbara on them!!! Look at the one with Sofie! We could be sisters!)

Sarah says:
I made such a good meal Sunday, if I do say so myself! Doesn't it look like a graveyard for chicken in the photo below?! This food was tasty and needed and deserved! We finished painting the downstairs hallway and library thanks to my husband's parents! It looks so nice. I love it!

Sarah adds:
Something struck me about the below Post Secret. I was thinking about Peter again this weekend because we had a nice Mexican dinner with his wife/widow and their kids and her friend. Always good to see them and to see life moving on with joy and lightness... Anyway, when I think about Peter, I think about dying and death and cancer and last days and how one goes and how I hope to go.. That's why this Post Secret caught my eye. I really wonder if the moment you let go, you get some peace and quiet. The hardest thing about living is that need for control we all have. It's probably the biggest cause of stress ever. Needing to call the shots and make sure everything goes as planned and all that... Maybe when you give in to death and let go of life - maybe it is beautiful and calm and without pain. I sure hope so.

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