Friday, May 02, 2008

Thursday 01 May 2008: Sarah's nephew Arne celebrates a special day!

Sarah says:
That's Arne, my nephew, the son of my husband's brother Wim. Arne has his first communion on the 1st of May. He was so happy and proud and we happy for him and proud of him. It was a nice day over a good meal. As you can see, we were very warm! He from playing and me from eating all day I think!

There's my kid with her great-grandfather (my husband's mother's father) whom she calls Pepe. He's 86 now. It's always great to see him. He likes to eat! Especially chocolate! I hope my husband grows old looking like him with great hair!
Above you can see my kid and Arne. Tow cousins who really have a nice time together. Here they look like weeble-wobbles in their fat suits!
There's Arne looking nutty in his fat suit. Too much sugar maybe?
And last but not least, there's Arne with his dad Wim by his side, cutting his communion - lamb-of-god cake...

Later that day, my husband, our kid and I went to the park for May Day - worker's day - and saw so many people and some good gigs. It was a great day though I was really, really exhausted by the end of it and in bed by 9:30...

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Anonymous said...

Did Pepe fight in the big one? Does he talk about it? Is he a bad ass? Badder than Bob Ralph?