Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunday 11 May 2008: Sarah goes to Ieper with her dada and brother and family and is a happy mom on mother's day!

Sarah says:
I am a happy mom on mother's day! How can't I be with such a daughter! She gave me a great painting she made and she bought be earings that she picked out herself and used her own birthday money for. She is the BEST!! She is sunshine! I had so much sunshine on mother's day!

That's my brother in the distance on a bridge in Ieper - again in the hot sun! We had a great day in Ieper. A lovely time!

I always have to have a photo of my dad sleeping when he visits! This time he passed out in Ieper with churches in the background. A pretty spot.

I have always wanted to put this on here - a photo of the most disgusting vendingmachine in the world no doubt! It's right around the corner from my house and whenever my brothers visit - I have to show them because they, like me, always appreciate such a foul site!
Heidi says: my DJ-outfit and me! Woooooooooooo! Viva Vlas Vegas!!!

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