Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday 05 May 2008: Sarah lets the sun shine in and is looking for a home in two weeks for a cute boy cavia! Any takers out there?

Sarah says:
So sunny today! Fabulous Belgian weather! Everyone looks happy and bright. Colors abound! It's a good break from the blacks and greys...

More importantly, we found out our baby guinea pig is a cute, little boy one. He needs a home in two weeks or he will start doing it with his mom! It's enough that he is the result of brother-sister lust. We don't need this to get anymore trailer-trashy than it already is! Is there anyone out there who wants to give this sweet cutie-pie cavi a nice, warm, cozy, loving home? If so, let us know! He's 5 weeks old now and he'll start raping his mom at 7 weeks so time-is-a-ticking! For a small price, I'll throw in the fully-equipped smaller cage that his dad-brother is living in for the moment ever since we had to get him castrated. The little one, however, comes with balls intact. No castration has taken place yet as he's too little. No castration necessary unless he's put near a girl piggy... Leave a comment or call or email me if you can give little Krik-Krak a good home!

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