Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday 23 May 2008: Memory lane and haircut pain...

Sarah says:
Not happy with haircut. Cut too short up on top so looks like Russian winter fur hat. This has happened before and it took ages to grow those way too chopped top layers longer. I should have known better. Arghhhh. I can only hope that after I wash it tomorrow it will look better...

Heidi says:
I am going back into memory lane today. With music.
Tindersticks' first album: travelling to Antwerp by train. Week after week, that same album in my walkman. Listening and feeling the train move. Being moved by the music. Those were fine days.
DaDaDa by Nits: one nice summerday in the year 1996, presumably. We are having our end of the schoolyear exams. Barbara, Sofie and me are in love with Nits and with each other. We are studying, and in between, we take breaks together. That day, we take our little cassette player, with Dadada in it, and ride our bikes to 't eilandje in Wervik (some sort of small nature resort, being built up at that time, with De Leie running around it). I am wearing my circle dress and under that very short red hotpants. We bike. We cross our English teacher. We say "what must he think of us, biking while we should be studying". We go on. I am thinking "what must he think of me, with my hotpants on". We go on. We sit down, the three of us, and we play DaDaDa. We lie down and think of summer and Nits and each other. We talk and feel so good. One of my finest memories ever. We were so in love!
Music is great. It can bring you right back into those memories!


Jen said...

wow Heidi--beautiful post!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny!
That's nice!
x H

Anonymous said...

That's the tindersticks second album in your photo. And it's bloody magnificent!