Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday 23 April 2008: wakkere Heidi and head-exploding Sarah!

Sarah says:
Great work day but why is it that time of month yet again! It feels like it was just yesterday and with my old age it gets worse and worse. I used to just get cramps in my abdomen. Now I have pain throughout my back and down through my legs! So uncomfortable. And my head aches! I never used to get headaches. Still only takes three days so I can't complain about that but man oh man in some ways do I look forward to menopause! I'll probably regret saying that but... all I want to do is sleep right now and it's 9pm. Hormones are a mofo! In this way, I really do think men have it easy... And have I mentioned the RAGE in my brain that comes at this time of month. Ughhhhh........ Bloody hell!

Heidi says: De papierpropjesboom en de kaarsjesboom staan echt in bloei nu! Ze zijn mooi!!!
Ik ben wakker en alert. Maar zou best vroeg slapen vanavond. De tijd vliegt en ik heb er geen vat op. Niemand.

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