Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday 17 April 2008: Heidi is calm (for a freaking change hehehaha) and Sarah is off her rocker!

Heidi says:
I am calm and peaceful today. I am feeling awake and alive and normal. And I found out why I feel nostalgia for those months I had to stay home and lay down at the end of my pregnancy. It's all about taking time. My doctor obliged me to stay flat for at least two months; I could only get up to go to the toilet, to eat or to go to the doctor. It was pretty annoying every now and then, and also lonely. But today I realised that I feel nostalgic about that period, because I HAD to take the time. I had to see the hours pass. Ans they passed slowly. Days were days again. When you have a baby, a fulltime job and hobbies, time flies and you forget why you live. Back then, on my bed, I remembered what a day was. Yeah, sometimes life is simple.

Had a good swim at noon! Back crawl starts to be my favorite stroke! I think someone should teach me how to do it perfectly though. But on the other hand, it goes better and better everytime I swim. Long live my back!!! It's going to get so so strong!!! (I hope :) )

Sarah says:
You know what was in my eye yesterday the whole day?! One-quarter of a ripped contact lense, that's what!!! It took me so long to finally see that and to pull it out. Immediate freaking relief. Lenses have a danger factor I wasn't aware of! But all's well that ens well - so there you have it! I survived! I have a very bad mouth today and have been cursing everyone and his mother out. I have a pre-menstrual rage going on I think. People are annoying me. But again, I will survive!


Anonymous said...

Sarah that top looks great on you. I think I was with you when you got it in the sales last summer. Good one!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Oh why thank you ASG! I can't remember when I got that top but yes, you may well have been there. One would think horizontal stripes would have a widening effect but everytime I try them they work out okay for me mostly. What are YOU wearing today?