Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday 02 April 2008: Sarah gives her daughter a bone...and recalls seeing the musical CATS the day after losing her ......almost 20 years ago

Sarah says:
That's my daughter the dog above. Slowly but surely she's morphing into a hound. She's cute though, so we'll keep her. She will have to start sleeping in the shed though...

In other news, this morning I was thinking about when I saw the musical Cats 20 years ago because music from CATS was on a CD I was playing at breakfast. You know how music can just bring you back in time. Well, there I was in New York City with my "boyfriend" who the night before I had lost my virginity to! I was seeing CATS with him and his freaking mom for his birthday. I was a nervous wreck with pain everywhere. My brain was on fire. I was no longer pure! And what did I do, well I walked over a subway vent and what happened, well, my short puffy skirt blew up in the air like Marilyn Monroe's but with fatter, shorter legs - and my "boyfriend's" mom saw my underwear and my long-lost virginity burned through my mind - as if I were being punished for my dirty deed the night before! I was so terribly embarrassed that I am red in the face still as I write this. I loved that boy though - man oh man did I LOVE him! For years and years even though we were boyfriend and girlfriend for only 5 minutes or so. We were good friends and on and off bed-buddies. We were dumb and inadequate. But I spent so much time thinking and dreaming about him and troubling myself over him and wanting to be the light in his life and all that dreamy teenage stuff that gets totally distorted when you are a pot-head like I was. He's also the guy that I got caught in bed with in my home by my parents. That was biggest embarrassing moment number 2! And he's the guy who broke my heart 1000 times without even knowing it! You never forget the person you lost your virginity to - at least I never will. We went our separate ways of course but I am always very happy to see him when I am back in The States visiting. I hope he's doing well and is happy and that he never forgets me either!

This is probably too much information for some of you. Sorry for that! But you don't have to read it!


rebecca said...

Dear Post Secret:

My boyfriend's mother saw my underwear the morning after I lost my virginity to her son and I STILL FEEL DIRTY.

Plus, I went to see Cats.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

haha Rebecca! You are funny! See, who needs Post Secret when you have a blog. I'm just hoping that ex-boyfriend-buddy will read this and leave a comment too. Now that would be something!So JM - if you are out there, write something!!! Please be kind! :-) - SRA