Monday, April 28, 2008

SUNday 28 April 2008: Stress, Music, illegal flaptest, peace.. FUN PARK FUN FUN FUN SUN SUN SUN - REMARKABLE DAUGHTERS!

Heidi says:
Ik beken: Nico en ik deden gisteren een illegale flaptest, nu ja, illegaal... eentje buiten categorie, een stapke buiten het normale parcours, een excursie als het ware... Spijtig dat het niet meetelde, want deze flappen stonden aan de leiding. Nu ja, telt niet mee he?
Daarvoor: stress, en dan ontlading bij het draaien in een parochiezaal in Gent! Hele mooie zaal!

Sarah says:
You can see in above and below photo that I had a great, great day with my daughter and her friends going on rides at the nearby fun park! I even went on the upside-down roller coaster a couple of times and had not one problem with my back! I am restored and feeling fabulous! It's such a joy to be able to speed around on attractions again! I still have to be careful but not as careful as before! It's so great and such a joy!!!!

Post Secret favorite pick of the week time! I chose the below one because it made me think of my daughter. There were several moments this weekend when I really just felt how freaking remarkable that little bunny is. She is an amazing, sensitive, loving person. Very sensitive. She's a wonder. She has blessed my life like no other. She knows it. She feels it. She's a dream.


Anonymous said...

OMG! You look SO FABULOUS in sunglasses. Really, truly. LOVE IT. Never seen you in anything but the clip ons.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hello again ASG -our faithful viewer! Did you see my clip ons? I thought you have only seen my strap-on babycakes! hahahah - thanks for the sunglasses cheerleading! Mucho apreciated! Now I can be cool like you! Truly! I have always loved your sunglass look!