Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday 12 April 2008: Check out Sarah's Lustful Pigs in action, the freaks! And some Miami prostitutes are at Face The Day!

Sarah says:
My pigs are going nuts! The man so wants to make more babies. I truly think they miss each other! Look at the above movie. That's what they do all day long. I feel like a peeping Tom watching them go at it all day. And I'm happy I finally figured out how to join YouTube and upload videos. I'm sure you can expect some Heidi and Sarah videos from now on here. We need some change here sometimes. Videos might just be the new wave for us - with photos of course each day! The Vids might be an little extra from time to time... How very exciting!

Sarah says:
I took my daughter and my god-kid to the movies today to see Winx - who my mom once aptly described as looking like Miami prostitutes. Anyway - the gals were happy and I fell asleep during part one. A movie has to be really bad to put me to sleep like that. I'll sit through the worst TV and enjoy it but this was truly awful. I guess I'm not a kid anymore. I just couldn't relate on any level at all. Plus the Winx gals are pretty scary looking. I'll look for a photo and post it below to show you what I mean. I really hope that these Winx are too fairy-like for my daughter to dream of looking like them. She loves the Winx clothes - which is worrisome enough! Look for yourself below.

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