Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 25 April 2008: Yes yes, it's THAT day again!!! Oh my gosh my golly gee what is Heidi doing to Sarah?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah says:
Every picture tells a story, don't it? Well, you just wonder for yourselves what's going on in those two photos above! Heidi and I have sick,dirty minds and foul mouths! We are the bottom of the bottom really. Did someone say bottom? It's Friday! Please understand that our brains have turned to mush. We long for the sun now! It will be a good, sunny weekend. Not for everyone. For some it will be sad unfortunately. We hope most of you will enjoy the sun. We will.

Heidi says:
I tell you: I am going to smoosh that child of mine one day! She is just too damn cute! She makes me and her daddy mad! Even more mad than before! Yma is a wild cat! She's crazy. And she just talks and talks and goes on forever. I give her only a couple of weeks before she speaks in real sentences! It's pretty amazing if you know that a year and a half ago, she was a tiny newborn, lying on my belly and not able to do anything but screaming, drinking and pooing... (and even that was already amazing :) ). I LOVE MY LITTLE CREATURE!!!

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