Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday 03 March 2008: Heidi is thinking about becoming 30 and Sarah is thinking about a whole lot of nothing...

Heidi says:
I am turning 30 this year. It's becoming obvious in my face. Yma woke up this night at twelve thirty and she needed consolation for who knows what. So I sat next to her bed, watching her while she was watching me. That hour and a half that I was up at night, brought me this tired exhausted look. And this is the best picture of many I took today :). There was a time, that my friend Barbara used to say that you couldn't tell when I was tired. I think that is history. Nowadays, you very clearly see when I am tired. And that is sad. Like most people, I would like to look young forever. But that is not going to happen. I see now. I am turning 30 soon. Oh well... Sarah says:
Empty head. That's me. It's hair-removal time tomorrow and it's about time! That's about all I can offer up today. I am blank. Though I will add that I made a hell of a chicken salad tonight.

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