Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday 27 February 2008: Sarah is 5 minutes away from pulling her aching eyeballs straight out of their sockets!

Sarah says:
Ouch!!!!!!!!!! My eyes ache!!!! Saturday I go back to control my contact lenses. I think these ones aren't the right ones for me. With that said, today is particularly bad - my head aches like Scanners and my eyes are so, so dry!!! Maybe because it is that time of the month and how! I feel like hell and in a rage so don't mess with me today folks! And with that said, I still had a great day full of fabulous stuff and the days only seem to get better and better - even when I feel like I do now. I love my life for the moment. Couldn't be happier! My eyes couldn't be sadder though! Good night! Boo Hoo....

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