Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday 13 February 2008: Happiness! is a...bidet, a fake Michelangelo angel... a BIG BATH!!!! A nice cloudy view out of a plane...ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Heidi says: I am happy. Truly, I am happy!!! I love my job, my life, my family, my friends! I have to write this down on this blog, so I can remember later, how happy I was this day, week, month, year!

Sarah says:
Nothing like a bidet to end one's day! That's me Tuesday night at my hotel in Milan.

There I am again in Italy with some fake Italian angels... A BIG BATH!!!! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!!! LOVELY! WONDERFUL! WOW! LOVES IT!
Very pretty view this morning from the hotel terrace! Now I feel like I am in Italy a bit... Or somewhere anyway - anywhere really!
The view from the plane above and below! I saw the sunset over the clouds. It was so cool!

Good night!

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Jen said...

OH MY GOD SARAH, YOU FLEW ALITALIA!! What were you THINKING???!!! I feel so betrayed (and I thought you were smarter than that!)!!