Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday 3 February 2008: Partytime again for Heidi and siesta time for sleepy sarah...

Heidi zegt: Wat een Ymafeest vandaag! Eerst wandelen met tante Nathalie en nonkel Bart en kipjes aaien, dan slapen en dan dansen en lopen en roepen en lachen op Radio Modern in Merksem. Ja, Yma had het wel naar haar zin vandaag! En zo moet het zijn! Als Yma geniet, maakt mijn hart een sprongetje. Niks kan me gelukkiger maken! Spijtig genoeg waren we zo van Yma aan het genieten, dat we zelfs geen foto's van haar feestmomenten hebben genomen... Wie weet zullen er wel te vinden zijn op deze site binnen een week of zo.

Sarah says:
Gotta go to bed. This has to be quick. This weekend flew by. I need another one fast!
Below is my Post Secret pick of the week. The only reason I chose this one is because I was speaking to someone this weekend who used to have quite open views but has since made some life decisions that might lead her down the road to not being as open anymore. If you let Jesus into your life in a big way, I just wonder if this means there's no more room for gay people? The bible says being gay is wrong. If you followthe bible closely, how can you eventually not reject gays? I just wonder. It must be so complex. I just hate any book that says being gay is wrong. I just can't support that. It 100% pisses me off. I can't tolerate that sort of biggotry and closed-mindedness. I sometimes wish I understood religion more so I could make a stronger argument against it - but tha's not really fair either. I don't want to judge. With that said, I feel troubled for the moment. Finding Jesus could never be an answer for me. It's like I have no space inside me for that with all my rational brain and all. I don't think of myself as being closed-minded. Anyway - I just don't get Jesus I guess. I don't get the Bible I guess. I just don't get it...

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