Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday 11 February 2008: En toen was er niets meer

Heidi says:
En toen was er niets meer,
alles was gedaan,
alle moeite tevergeefs,
plotseling weggeveegd.
De mensheid heeft gezegevierd
en opgehouden te bestan.
En toen was er niets meer,
alles was gedaan,
alles was koud
alles was droog
alles was leeg
alles was dood.
En toen was er niets meer,
alles was gedaan.
De macht van het gezag
en het gezag van de macht
waren duidelijk sterker
dan wat voelde en dacht;
en toen was er niets meer
alles was gedaan.

Sarah says:
What a weird photo! What a rack! Horrid really! I'm off to Milan tomorrow so you may not hear from me until Thursday when I am back. Heidi will hold the fort while I am gone. In case you are wondering what Heidi's text above is all about - here it is in English - from some internet translation thingy. Name that band!

And then was there nothing more, (the rest of this text has been removed by the editor to protect the guilty... ;-)

Heidi says: Don't mess up that text with that translation program please... It is not a joke... And not everything I write in dutch should be translated. Sometimes it's just more beautiful in my own language.

Sarah adds:
Word...and... My bust!


Anonymous said...

The Carousers!
The Bingers!
The Guzzlers!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

try again!

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