Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday 2 January 2007: Heidi's last days of 2007

Heidi says: above 26 December 2007

Heidi says: above 27 December 2007

Heidi says: Above 28 December 2007

Heidi says: above 31 December 2007

Heidi says: Happy New Year! It's me! Feeling a little better so it's time to say hi. I posted some pictures of my last days in 2007.
I'm not well enough to do most of the things I like/am used to do, but I am truly getting better. My biggest problem right now is the fact that I am faint, don't have a lot of air, and am not hungry and when I eat, I don't keep my food in very long. But the difference with the 'beginning' of my pneumonia, on the 24th of December, is huge. I was walking in the city with Wout, when all of a sudden I felt a stinging pain in my chest and shoulder. We kept on walking, but I was so in pain I was almost in tears. Once at home, I started to cry and I knew that something would come out of this. That evening, we went to Nico's parents and there I started to shiver and had to lie down in the couch all evening. I had 39 degrees of fever and so wasn't able to celebrate Christmas evening at all. The morning after, I woke up with 39,5 degrees of fever, and so we called for a doctor. He thought I had tha beginning of pneumonia and told me I had to go to the hospital for photos of my lungs, which I did the day after. It was pneumonia indeed. Since then, I haven't been out of the house at all, and haven't celebrated any of the special days, which is weird. I really love the Holidays and normally like to celebrate them with everything I have got. Now I have the feeling that there was no Christmas and New Year. The week of holiday Nico and I were longing for so much, just passed and everything we wanted to do together couldn't happen because of me and my pneumonia. That feels bad and I feel responsible, although I couldn't help it. But on the other hand, we did get some sort of family time and rest, and maybe, in the end, it will have done us good... Who knows? :)
Now up to real health and energy, because that is what I need! I haven't been feeling good at all lately, was always tired and didn't have any lust for life. I believe the pneumonia was already settling in for a while, and that might explain the way I felt the last months.



Unknown said...

Happy New Years to two of my favorite gal pals! I hope 2008 brings all you dreams come true... thanks for entertaining us for all these years.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Willis? "Brings all you dreams come true"...? Thanks despite that jiberish babe! Just kidding friend. One of my dreams came true tonight! I made poached eggs for the first time ever thanks to the Little House on The Prairie cook book!