Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday 24 January 2007: Sarah looks way back to 1989 as a face from about 19 years ago throws her into her high school yearbook!

Sarah says:
So here's the story! In preparation for a trade fair I'll be going to, I came across a familiar face in a publication about the week's speakers and events. The face belonged to someone whose name and face alone I knew from more than 20 years ago as we went to the same high school - or so I suspected. Anyway - on a whim, I thought I'd drop him an email, which is weird because in all these years I haven't tried to get in touch with anyone from that school and those days. Other than my close friend MS, I don't have any friends at all leftover from that high school. There are some people I'd like to get in touch with - but I never do. So why today? Oh because the Internet is way too easy. Anyway - the news isn't really that I got in touch with someone because I never really knew that someone anyway. The news is that I dove into my high school yearbook tonight and had a good laugh. It's always fun to look back in time and see where you have come from and how far you have come and how bad your hair looked some of the time. But it does bring on some serious nostalgia and it really makes me want to go to my 20th high school reunion!
In the above photo, you can see my colour school photo from my senior year in 1989 at Hackley in Tarrytown. I came in that day just for the photo actually. I remember it well. I had been so sick with mono (the kissing disease) and missed the first 6 weeks or so of school and what seemed like 3 months eventually. I felt awful! I was also bored out of my brains from being stuck at home. And see my ring-bracelet there in the photo? Well - that was me right there - that thing defined me. It was my mark. My individuality -- or so I thought! I got it on my 16th birthday from all my best friends. I wore it proudly for years. I have it saved for my daughter - though it is so 80s I'm afraid she'll want nothing to do with it! (whoops - just realized you can hardly see the ring-bracelet in the photo! Well - imagine it - all fake turquoise and silver and all!)

And the below photo is right out of my yearbook page - my very American, year book page. We all got half a page to pull a me-me-me! Now I do that every day on here! (haha). Look at my Jethro Tull quote there (if you click on photo or this link you can see it and a bunch of other stupid stuff I wrote back then). I really thought I was something different and special and superior. Underneath of course I felt inferior in every single way! And look at my Jim Morrison quote there! I was sort of predicting the future. I had this need in me to cut off and start over fresh. I always wanted a fresh start. I felt bad so much then and misplaced. I was a misfit. In some ways, I still am. But back then - man did I just want a new family and a new life all together. I wanted to escape. And so I did - eventually to Belgium. And here I am and I have metamorphosed. Or something like that.... You do realize I am half talking crap! The rest is real! :-)

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