Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday 03 January 2007: Heidi is on the mend slowly but surely and Sarah is annoyed

Sarah says:
What does it look like I am saying?! Want to know why? Well I'll tell you anyway! CRAMPS!!!! BAD, BAD CRAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good night.

Heidi says: yes, I am on the mend. I went back for new photos of my lungs, and the results are that the pneumonia isn't totally gone yet, but it is healing! The doctor said I need to take more antibiotics until Sunday, which means I will feel weak till then and probably after. I call my antibiotics diarrhoae-pills, as they unevitably give me that, and so I have lost 6 kilos in the last week and a half... My weight is now 56 kilos, 1 kilo less than the lightest adult weight I ever had (or have known about, because I don't use my scale a lot). I will have to take everything slow when I start doing everything again, but I will live again! :)

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